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Unsecured loans from £10,000 to £200,000,000

Unsecured loans are the most common type of loan as they do not use your home or any other asset you own as collateral. There is a massive choice of unsecured loans available, from high street lenders to the smaller ones you probably don’t know exist, the bigger, more common lenders on the high street generally have the best APR rates, but there acceptance criteria is usually fairly strict and they usually only lend to people with a good credit history that they know will have no late or missed repayments.

Tenant loans from £10,000 to £200,000,000

Tenant loans are specialist unsecured loans designed for people who do not own their own property. There are many types of tenant loans to choose from and these loans can be found for people with a good or bad credit history. A tenant loan can generally be used for any purpose.

Bad credit loans from £10,000 to £200,000,000

Bad credit loans, or sub -prime loans are for applicants that have been refused credit, due to having a bad or adverse credit history. This could be down to having county court judgements (CCJ’s) or defaults on their credit agreements. Generally with bad credit loans the APR rate is higher than a typical high street lender, but unlike a high street lender the acceptance policy is far less strict.

Unsecured car loans from £10,000 to £200,000,000

Among the hundreds of different lenders we use there are also specialist car loan lenders. Many of these lenders will lend you money for your car on an unsecured basis. However there are also companies who may lend you more if the car you want is expensive but on the basis the loan is secured against your car. This type of loan is typically called a ‘logbook loan’.

Debt consolidation loans from £10,000 to £200,000,000

A debt consolidation loan is a loan that consolidates all your debts into one affordable monthly payment. This type of loan is perfect if you have multiple loans and credit card agreements as the debt consolidation loan pays off all of these. The amount offered and APR will depend on the applicant’s credit history, monthly wage and monthly outgoings. A debt consolidation loan is available to anyone with a good or bad credit history.